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I ended today with a good song. Here I am painting detail. the wrap on my brush didn't work.

Posted by Kim Ward on Thursday, April 23, 2015

On January 9, 2015 I ruptured the tendon in my right wrist that controls my thumb. Not until March 13th did I get surgery. Eight years ago a plate was put in my wrist when I broke it and that plate was left in my tiny wrist. That caused the rupture. I am dealing with the possibility of never painting like I used to, but I have to paint. One way or the other I will make this work. I will be recovering for at least 12 weeks. I did this video today showing the way my hand looks now. I am hoping it gets better.

I love painting. I love being a watercolor artist. I have since I was a young girl. For may years I have traveled to various art shows selling my original paintings and giclee prints. I paint beach scenes, seascapes, sea life, children, cats and nature. I also print my own giclees. Everyone has their challenges in life. My challenges have made me a better person and a better artist. I am now using bolder colors and expanding my palette to include other subjects. I am surrounded by the mountains, but my heart lies at the beach which has been my focus for several years. I am also surrounded by my cats. Baby, my feline leukemia kitty, is one of my inspirations now. He lost his battle in 2013 and I am now painting him as you will see in my Babycatart section. These paintings will be in my book that I am writing, my “Baby Book”. It will help others who have lost a beloved companion. Having a degree in art did not match all of the life lessons I have learned. The best is yet to come. Yes, I am now painting my emotions, something I never really knew. I do now.


How do I do it?

My water colors are different than most that you will see. I like using the paint, layering and mixing the colors to achieve the depth and color and detail in my watercolor paintings. I have never painted wet watercolors and I do not paint dry brush. I am unique as an artist and as a person. Although it is breaking all the rules set out in watercolors, I have to do this they way that it feels best for me, the artist. All of my original paintings are done on Arches 300 pound or heavier paper.

I also print my own giclees taking the time to make sure those who cannot afford an original can have a piece of my art. I believe art should be shared with everyone. I currently use a Canon 8400 which has 12 inks. My giclees are available on fine art paper and canvas. All are acid free and highquality. Displayed correctly they should last a lifetime and beyond.

                        Let me put a piece of my art in your home or office. It took me a lifetime to paint it for you."

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact me or visit my commissioned art page and I will paint something especially for you.

Throughout my web site you will see photos of me looking up.
I find that looking up helps you to stay positive and motivated to do better.







Working on the perfect sunset


"Thank you for your order."