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Feline Leukemia and Baby's Story


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Baby Ward was my helper for 3 1/2 years coming in to my life in March of 2010.
I lost him on September 1, 2013 to feline leukemia.

Having a feline leukemia kitty like Baby taught me a lot in my life. He came to me as a throw away from my neighbor. He chose me while I was painting outside. It took a while but he soon let me hold him like a baby and that is how he got his name. When I discovered he had feline leukemia I was already attached. I said I would do everything I could to keep him and I did. I made him a home separate from our other fur babies. He loved his home.

Everywhere I went, Baby went. He was my painting buddy, my framing buddy and my printing buddy. He never really slept during the day. He watched me constantly. He never really showed any signs of his disease. He helped me through the biggest challenge of my life when I was taken from my art. He encouraged me to paint again. He laid at my easel at my feet. We took long walks together in the yard. He forced me to see things I had never seen before during a time in my life when I needed to see them most.

After painting a special painting that took us four months, he went full blown anemia and we went through five blood transfusions and an experimental drug to try and save him. Through it all he never gave up. He was a fighter and every time I would see him fight I wanted to fight more in my life. Not until I figured out his little body was shutting down and all his fighting was for me did I realize it was time to let him go. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. It took me a while, but I finally realized that this little feline leukemia kitty let me take all those photos of him in his Paradise for a reason. He let me see all the other things besides the beach for a reason. I took his inspiration and began painting him and other things. I started using bolder colors. I started to paint better than I have ever painted before.

I have dedicated this new web site to Baby Ward. You will see him at the top at my beach and you will see him at the bottom in his Paradise. I sign each painting with his paw print and you will see that paw print all throughout this web site. I look at him and I see the beauty that I was meant to see. I have painted him and will continue to paint him and other kitties. He will eventually have his own little "Baby Book". His beauty and his life will be carried on through my hands.

That, after all, is what Baby Ward would want.


                                      I have written 28 poems for Baby Ward. Here is one of those poems.

  Frozen In Time
“Baby’s Paradise”
You sat so still, frozen in time
I was so happy to call you mine
You never rushed or tried to run
You would sit there just enjoying the sun
"Why rush and run when I can just see
All the things there are in front of me
Mommy I am trying to get you to slow down
Stop for a moment just sit on the ground
Do you feel the grass how cool it is
Do you see the flowers that you always missed
Take time to rest and time to play
Take time to enjoy everything in each day"


Kim Ward copyright 2014