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Commissioned Watercolor Painting

When you commission me to do a watercolor painting for you I will work to make that watercolor a part of your home.


  • I can take several photos and combine them.
  • I can take the room you wish to put it in and make it fit.
  • I can also take the painting and make giclee prints for you.
  • I can work with your budget.
  •   People and pets are my specialty.

    Pricing depends on size and subject matter and is done in an individual quote.







This commissioned painting was done from photos of the two boys in their driveway. I used Photo Shop to put them into a seascape scene. With the assistance of the client I worked to get all of the colors that were needed and the clothes the two boys are wearing. It is hanging over their fireplace. She was very pleased. I matched all the colors without any really good photos.



"Thank you for your order."