Artist statement


My life is surrounded by rescues and the nature around me. In the trying times we are now living in I find solace in my azalea path. I planted these azaleas more than 20 years ago. They are now taller than I am by a LOT! They bloom three times a year and this is my favorite spot. You can see my Miss Kim Lilacs and my azaleas and the arch that is in front of the path. I have also painted this path several times, both in watercolor and oils. Having an eye that sees deeper than some I like to use that to paint my detail. And my oils have allowed me to paint those deep colors that make a painting pop. 

I am concerned about the chemicals that are in the mediums for oils. I use the old-fashioned method, never using cadmium or cobalt, fast or slow dry mediums and I use safe cleaners, walnut oils, and oil of spike lavender which makes the studio smell really nice. I chose walnut-based oils that dry slower than linseed oils and they do not yellow as badly. 

My oils are painted on linen, the most recent ones are strictly on portrait linen. I never use cotton. They are stretched on deep gallery strips with braces mounted to the strips to keep the linen tight. 

My paintings are a reflection of my life. I try to project positive things and in the end, it shows in that final painting. 



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