Over the years I have painted many paintings of my choosing hoping that what I paint will catch the eye of the customer. With so many people requesting that they would like to see me paint a certain subject I decided there was room on my easel for that special painting you may want hanging on your wall. Whether it be a nature scene, a flower or your pet let me paint that special painting just for you.

If you have considered having a commissioned painting g of a special photo that you have taken this is the place for you. I have been painting for many years and I can do that painting just for you. 

Your photo is the most important thing to consider before going any further. There really cannot be a set price for this type of commission as I will have to see the photo first so this is where you will need to contact me through my contact page and I will work with you personally. Please consider that a high resolution photo is best to use, so if your cell phone isn't a high resolution perhaps consider using a good digital camera. 

Please send an email to   and I will work with you on choosing photos and sizing and for more details on pricing. 




Beach Bench

36 x 48


Oil on linen panel 

Gallery wrap edges 

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