Taking photos for a portrait


It is so easy to pick up a cell phone ad take a photo. We all do it every day. That photo looks great on your cell phone screen, but when it is enlarged unless the DPI resolution on the phone is high and the lighting is perfect it may be hard for you to get a good photo. I am used to taking photos of all of my pets and as an artist I have an eye for what it is that I am looking to create. Since I cannot be there to take the photos for you, let me give you some advice. And if you still need help, feel free to call me or send me an email at kym@www.livingoilpaintings.com. I would never use a cell phone for images I put on this web site because they do not take the best photo possible.

I would suggest that if at all possible you get a digital camera to do this. I will work with you if you cannot. This is a process not a marathon. 


The best photos of pets or even people are at their level. I am not tall and if anyone takes a photo of me who is taller it really makes me look different if they do not lower the camera to my level. The same goes for your pet. I have some cats that walk right to me when they see a camera so this may be a challenge. Hang in there. You can do this. 

Try to come in close as possible, leaving out the background. Take several photos. You can even take close ups of eyes and face if your pet is cooperating. Having another person hold them in position may work or if it is a dog, let someone hold it on a leash. And it is a great idea to send several views so that we can get together and pick the right one for your portrait. 


This is quite possibly the most important part to taking a photo. If at all possible take your photo outside with good sunshine. And for cats I know this may not work. As you can see from the photos below I took these photos of Chelsea inside. The good photo was right next to the living room window. The other photo was when she was in my taboret just hanging out. Even with the best camera if the light isn't good you will to get the best photo. If all else fails and you need my help, please do not hesitate to email me at kym@www.livingoilpaintings.com and I will be happy to walk you through this process and make sure you get the best possible photo. 

Sending the photo to me 

When photos are sent by email they are often reduced in size to example 400 x 600. When that happens, the detail in the photo is lost even if you have used the best camera possible.  You will need to save that photo at a .jpg file and at the original size example 2304 x 1728 pixels. And if you are sending several photos you can always send in more than one email. My inbox can handle it. 





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