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Pretty Shiloh 

Oil On Linen 

16 x 22

Shiloh was my beagle mix rescue. This oil is not quite finished but I wanted to put it on my website on the one year anniversary of me losing her, June 12, 2018. I still have the detail in her fur and face to finish. The pond behind her is a pond above my house and she is sitting in my day lilies. I put both photos together. I didn't get that many good photos of her to paint because I thought I would have her for a very long time. I only had her a little more than a year and a half and it took me more than a year to get her untied from a tree. She was only five when we discovered she had advanced lung cancer and within a week I had to say goodbye. This photo captures her sweet personality. 


Monarch Butterfly (SOLD)

18 x 24


Sunflower For Ukraine

12 x 16

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